Kevin Mullins

Kevin MullinsHi, I'm Kevin Mullins, an agent with the Vincent K. Blair Agency.
I have specialized in individual and family health insurance for over 11 years. It has become my career dedication to educate policyholders and recommend the very best options for their health insurance needs. It gives me great satisfaction and pride to help my clients avoid costly loopholes, choose reputable companies, and personally and professionally guide people through the application process.

Before I was in the insurance business, I spent several years managing a business in the retail/food industry, and then a few years working as an independent contractor. I experienced first hand the challenges of running a business, showing a profit, and watching the day to day cash flow.

Obtaining quality health insurance while controlling the cost is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses and the self-employed. I've been there--and I know what it is like to try to find health insurance coverage that is of high quality and stay within a budget. Many times, I tried to find an agent that was knowledgeable, honest, and could help me accomplish this. Now, I am that agent.
When you contact me, you can expect to receive professional, knowledgeable answers with no pressure. My practices are based on honesty, integrity, and accuracy of the information. I gain clients through HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and SERVICE, and that is also why I keep them.

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