How to find A trustworthy,  Licensed Health Insurance Agent

Many people think you can buy health insurance like you would anything else – do a little research on the internet perhaps, then just fill out a form and write a check.  The reality is you could end up spending a lot more that way for a policy that’s not right for you. Or you could end up paying too little for a policy that doesn’t cover what you think it does and finding out too late – after you get sick or injured.

That’s why it’s critical you find a health insurance agent with a valid health insurance license in the state where you reside. Only a knowledgeable, licensed health insurance agent can help you evaluate policies from several different companies to find the one that fits your exact needs.  It’s even more important that they have many years of experience because it takes that long to build up the expertise needed for this vital protection.  After all, both your health AND your long-term financial future are on the line when you purchase health insurance.

Before you simply “click to buy” on the internet, and you live in either Missouri or Illinois, call the Vincent K. Blair health insurance agency in St. Louis, MO.  Or you can just fill out the contact form on this website and I’ll contact you. I have held my health insurance license in Missouri since 1983 and have almost 30 years of experience helping individuals and families find the health insurance policy that fits their needs and budget.

See if your Health Insurance Agent has a Missouri Health Insurance License

It’s easy:  just visit the website for the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP) and fill out the form on the “Agent Look Up” page.  (Despite the asterisks, the only mandatory information you really need is the agent’s last name.)  With one click you can see if your agent has a valid Missouri health insurance license and the year it was issued.

One more thing: Ask if your agent carries "Errors and Omissions" insurance and, if need be, ask him to prove it. This is a form of malpractice insurance for health insurance agents. You really need to know if they have this insurance in addition to their valid health insurance license.

Those are just two questions you should ask your health insurance agent before you buy a policy from them. If you want to know more, contact the Vincent K Blair insurance agency at 314-961-7777 today.
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