Premiums going Up?
                   Contact your Health Insurance Agent!

If you have a health insurance agent, now would be a good time to call him or her: most major health insurance companies are raising their rates.  Your health insurance agent should know all the options available to you through your carrier. He can fight for the lowest out-of-pocket and highest health insurance coverage possible without changing your company. And because he is listed on your policy as the health insurance agent of record, he has special knowledge of your situation. Ironically, if you simply call your insurer directly to negotiate a better deal, you will probably not get all of the options that are available to you.

Do you even have a health insurance agent or did you buy directly from the company or some other third party? If you never had an agent, or don't feel you’re getting the service you deserve from your current agent, I urge you to contact the Vincent K. Blair insurance agency in St. Louis, MO. Just fill out the form or give me a quick call at 314-961-7777 and I can tell you within minutes whether I can save you money, maximize your coverage, or both.

Let me give you an example:  Not long ago a man without a health insurance agent called me after his health insurance company raised his monthly premiums from $280 to $345. When he called them, he was able to negotiate his premium down to $309/mo. but only after agreeing to forgo all brand name drugs in favor of generic drug coverage only. Sound reasonable?  Actually, it's not: that's because there are many illnesses such as diabetes, MS and ADHD (and many more) for which no generic drugs are currently available!  If he or any member of his family were to come down with these diseases, this man would end up paying every cent of the drug costs himself!

After this man spoke with me, I was able to lower his monthly premium to $275 (remember, he had been paying $280/mo. and was being raised to $345) WITHOUT losing his brand name drug benefit AND increasing his coverage. That man requested that I be listed as his health insurance agent of record with his company, and we were able to make those changes to his policy.
That's just one example of the costly mistakes you can make if you don't have a hardworking, knowledgeable health insurance agent.  Call the Vincent K Blair insurance agency today at 314-961-7777 today to see if I can save you money without sacrificing coverage or even increase your coverage! 

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