Affordable Health Insurance For Children

For parents who want affordable child health insurance, the new healthcare law recently passed by Congress could have profound effects.  Beginning in September 2010, there will be two important changes: 1) children younger than 26 will be able to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans; and 2) children with pre-existing health conditions will no longer be automatically rejected for coverage or have their claims denied.

What will this do to the cost of your premiums? Will affordable child health insurance still be “affordable”? After all, the two changes listed above will only increase the risk of insuring your child in the eyes of the health insurance companies, so they may be tempted to raise their premiums. Some, including United Healthcare, Aetna and Assurant, have left the child health insurance business altogether, as I wrote about in the Vincent K Blair blog.

Frankly, it’s still a little unclear what will happen. Children as a rule are always cheaper to insure than their parents.  For example, we can usually find affordable child health insurance policies that have a $500-$1000 deductible and 100% coverage after that deductible is met. The price? $80-100 a month. Compare that to the $200-400 for children typically charged by large group health plans, like the kind offered by many large companies. 

With all the changes swirling around the healthcare industry in this country, it’s more important than ever to work with a licensed, independent health insurance agent. If you live in Missouri or Illinois, contact the Vincent K. Blair Health Insurance Agency today at 314-961-7777 and I will explain all your affordable child health insurance options.

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