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Health insurance agents in St. Louis are needed more than ever!

Thursday, November 04, 2010
Add this to the "unintended consequences" of the new healthcare law:  health insurance agents in St Louis and around the country are getting squeezed out by the federal government.  Thank goodness I am one of the health insurance agents in town that will be around for awhile but not so with many smaller St. Louis agencies who are reeling under the ill effects of health insurance reform. That's a shame because even though I compete with them, we all have the same mission: to lower the cost of health insurance for all our health insurance clients in the St. Louis area.

Ironically our services are needed now more than ever because of all the bewildering changes in the health insurance reform law. People are understandably confused about their options in this new health insurance landscape and a knowledgeable, licensed health insurance agent in St. Louis is their best option to navigate those choppy waters. Health insurance agents in St. Louis and around the country should band together to fight for our profession in the face of overbearing governmental pressure.

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